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STAEDTLER® FIMO® - Shape your ideas

Whether for filigree objects by professional artists, self-designed pieces of jewellery, seasonal deco ideas for the home or creative activities with children: FIMO is truly impressive thanks to its superb characteristics, easy handling, high stability after hardening and extensive product range.

With FIMO, modelled works of art can be kept forever.

The origins of FIMO go back to 1939, the year in which the well-known doll maker Kaethe Kruse developed a new material to use for her dolls' heads. As it turned out to be unsuitable for serial production, her daughter Sophie began experimenting with the new substance. She mixed bright colours into it and kneaded it into a whole variety of shapes and objects.

Mankind instinctively wants to model things; it is his way of cherishing and preserving something dear to him” is how Sophie Rehbinder-Kruse summed up her philosophy and went on to develop her first modelling clay kit in 1954.

She created the brand name FIMOIK by using the first two letters of her nickname ‘Fifi’ and ‘modelling clay’ and the final letters of ‘mosaic’, one of her favourite techniques. This later got turned into the better-sounding name FIMO.

For more than 40 years now, FIMO has been the world's No. 1 when it comes to shaping and modelling.