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With FIMO you really
do make it.

FIMO is just the thing for you: what used to be messing about with clay
is now about turning your ideas into reality with professional modelling clay.
FIMO by STAEDTLER makes you unique. Your creativity. Your colours. Your style.

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What is FIMO?

FIMO is a high-quality modelling clay made in Germany.

FIMO soft and FIMO effect are available in 66 colors and you can generate many more by blending them.

You can knead and model FIMO and form it into any shape you like.

FIMO can also be creatively embellished, polished and varnished.

FIMO takes 30 minutes to harden in the oven at 110° C.

Different kinds of FIMO are available for different uses: FIMO soft, effect, professional and kids.

FIMO is known in the English-speaking world as clay, polyclay or polymer clay.

Look how easy it is
to work with FIMO.

Our videos and tutorials show you how easy it is
to express your creativity with FIMO.

5 steps before starting with FIMO

This FIMO tutorial will show you 5 steps before starting with FIMO polymer clay.


5 important Basic Shapes

This FIMO tutorial will show you 5 important basic shapes made of FIMO polymer clay.


4 Tips for creating FIMO Surface Textures with great effects

This FIMO tutorial will show you 4 tips for creating FIMO polymer clay surface textures with great effects.


Tips for Refinement of FIMO

This FIMO tutorial will show you tips for refining FIMO polymer clay with leaf metal and metallic powder.


Marbling, Colour Blending & Colour Gradients

This FIMO tutorial will show you the following techniques for FIMO polymer clay: marbling, colour blending and colour gradients.


Tutorial: FIMO Jelly Roll Cane

This FIMO tutorial will show you how easy it is to make a jelly roll cane with FIMO polymer clay.


The world of #myFIMO

FIMO lets your imagination come true.

Simply allow your accessories, home decoration or favourite jewellery pieces
to become reality. FIMO is as unique as you are.

FIMO soft

With FIMO soft you can turn your ideas into reality in the twinkling of an eye. The soft modelling clay is ready to use and easy to blend – ideal for beginners and hobby artists.
Easily workable, it has 24 brilliant colors and 5 on-trend tones for you to work with.

FIMO effect

FIMO effect gives your artwork that certain something: your creativity will shine, shimmer and sparkle.
Available in 36 shades and 8 different effects that open up a whole world of stunning options.

FIMO accessories

FIMO accessories really let you make the most of your skills.
You can add special touches, embellish your work and create new designs.
The extensive range includes everything from modelling tools and acrylic rollers through moulds and varnish to decorative materials.

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