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Ideas and inspirations

Toy figures - incredibly easy to make

Fly through the air with colourful butterflies or spend time on a farm looking after sheep and milking cows: With the FIMO kids form&play instructions, your child can craft toy figures all on its own.

What's so good about it: The step-by-step instructions are explained in a series of easy-to-understand illustrations so that children can create their own toys by themselves. Have fun! 

FIMO kids core range


Whether robots, dinosaurs or colourful necklaces: FIMO kids is not just for kneading. This oven-hardening modelling clay enables children to craft their very own toys and be inventive while discovering the world around them.

FIMO kids modelling clay is available in 16 colours and comes in 42 gramme blocks complete with resealable packaging which means that modelling clay that has already been opened can be kept clean and safe from dirt and dust until next use. 

The range also includes FIMO kids Colour Packs comprising six blocks à 42 grammes.
FIMO kids Colour Packs are available in the following colour combinations:

  • The 'basic' material pack contains the colours red, blue, yellow, black, white and green. Children can blend these as required to create their own favourite colours.
  • The 'girlie' material pack comes complete with the colours lilac, rosé, pink, turquoise, glitter white and glitter gold.

FIMO kids form&play

Jetting through outer space, galloping across meadows on a pony or helping a knight rescue a princess: With FIMO kids 'form&play' products, children are able to reproduce figures and then use them afterwards to act out stories in imaginary worlds of play. 

The sets are available in different levels of difficulty (1=easy, 2=medium, 3=difficult). 

FIMO kids 'form&play' is available in ten theme worlds with different contents:

  • Space – into space with rockets and spaceships
  • Robot – space station with cute robots
  • Dino – on the trail of prehistoric giants
  • Knight – off into the Middle Ages with sword and armour
  • Butterfly – the colourful world of butterflies
  • Princess – princesses in a fairy tale castle
  • Pony – riding at the pony farm
  • Fairy – enchanting fairies
  • Pet – playtime fun with cat, dog and rabbit
  • Farm – at the farm with cow, sheep and pig

FIMO kids work&play

Roll, cut, smooth out: The different tools from the FIMO kids 'work&play' range make working with clay all the easier.

Encourage creativity

How playing with FIMO kids fosters the development of children

"Children live to play", says psychologist Michael Thiel. The expert explains just how important it is for children to be able to actively explore the world in which they live – and also gives tips and information on crafting, playing, learning and FIMO kids.

Colouring pictures, crafting, kneading – what may sound like a pleasant pastime to adults is, in actual fact, extremely important for a child's development.

"Children learn to understand the world through play", says psychologist Michael Thiel. "When they play, they investigate, take control of or change their surroundings. They learn how to concentrate on and get enthusiastic about something."

The expert goes on to explain that this is what provides the foundation for all subsequent learning achievements. A child's learning process is also very much dependent on it being able to feel and touch. By playing with different kinds of objects and crafting with different kinds of materials, children are not only training their motor skills, but grasping and understanding the world around them at the same time.

Creating the right conditions

When children play, they like to use things to be found in their immediate vicinity. Before you know it, wooden spoons, saucepans etc. get transformed into musical instruments. This, in turn, gives parents the chance to positively influence the development of their child by providing it with a varied and child-friendly environment.


According to Thiel, the appropriate toys need neither be expensive nor extravagant. "More important is that the toy stimulates creativity and that the child enjoys playing with it." The bright colours and interesting feel of toys like FIMO kids attract the interest of children, thereby encouraging them to play.  

The time aspect

Children are often so engrossed in their play that they forget the world around them.
"If that's the case, they shouldn't be disturbed", the expert recommends. Phases in which a child is filled with enthusiasm and concentrating hard on what it's doing actually foster its development. It takes time for children to process the many different impressions around them. 

That's why it is important for a child not to be overwhelmed with a multitude of toys, but for it to concentrate on one thing at a time for a while. Once it's become well-acquainted with one item, it's ready for something new.
"This well-timed alternation between continuity and change plays a decisive role in the development process."

Supporting children

Evaluating, correcting, reprimanding – what may be justified in other areas of life is, according to psychologist Michael Thiel, not appropriate when a child is playing.

"If a child is crafting a turtle and what it's making looks nothing like one, that is no ground for criticism." Whatever the end result, children are very proud of things they've made themselves – especially when they've done it without any help.

The expert advises to not interfere when children are at play so that they can learn by trial and error. "Then, when the time for genuine praise comes, it means they're ready for new challenges."

Traditional or digital?

As far as the purchase of toys is concerned, parents increasingly find themselves asking the question: Traditional or digital?

The expert Michael Thiel is convinced: "Despite technological advancements, it's still with classics like modelling clay, finger paints and building blocks that children learn the most."

After all, a child can only truly understand something if it is able to experience it first-hand using its senses – all of them preferably. That includes shaping things with its hands – something it cannot do with a digital toy.

Thiel therefore sees digital playthings as supplements, not as replacements for traditional ones. "Learning has to 'get under your skin'. Only when a child is able to explore an object with its hands can it get a feel for its own body and strength, learn how to apply the right amount of pressure and develop its perceptive skills", Thiel explains.

Young craft makers

Crafting is an especially good way to train hand-eye coordination and to develop an awareness for three dimensionality.

Thiel also finds: "Creativity is best stimulated when children turn something ordinary into something unique. By baking them in the oven, children are able to turn objects they've made with FIMO kids into keepsakes that last. FIMO kids is softer than adult FIMO and is easier to shape."

"Children love creating things they can play with that will last and also like designing personal gifts, e.g. for their nannas and granddads. That's what children enjoy doing and it's good for their self-confidence too."


What is FIMO kids and how does it work?

FIMO kids is an oven-hardening modelling clay.

Unlike conventional modelling clay, FIMO kids can be used to shape figures and objects for lasting playtime fun due to the fact that, once modelled, items can be oven-baked to harden.

All that needs to be done is place the FIMO kids clay in an ordinary household oven for 30 minutes at 110°C. Once cool, the material is hard and solid.

FIMO kids is particularly soft, easy to shape yet dimensionally stable at the same time – that's what makes this oven-hardening modelling clay ideal for children's use.

With its FIMO kids 'form&play', STAEDTLER offers children a whole variety of different theme worlds for unlimited crafting and playtime fun.

Original, ornate-looking jewellery is easy to create with FIMO kids 'create&play'. Another new feature is new is the resealable packaging. This enables an easy, practical and dust-free storage of any left-over bits of clay until next use.

Children can use FIMO kids to create their very own, long-lasting toy figures.

FIMO kids 'form&play' products are available in three levels of proficiency for meeting different levels of demand – from easy to difficult.

FIMO kids is not just fun, it's educational too. The process of modelling a toy not only fosters fine motor skills and powers of imagination, it provides children with an opportunity to be actively creative at the same time.

Unhardened, FIMO kids is a permanently pliable modelling clay. In other words, in its unhardened form, FIMO kids retains its supple consistency, without becoming rubbery or hard.

If FIMO kids is to be hardened in the oven, it is suitable for children from the age of 8. When crafting together, parents can best help their children by handling the oven-baking process and then handing the hardened toy over when it's ready.

Any FIMO kids clay that goes astray can simply be wiped off with a dry cloth. It's no trouble at all to clean FIMO kids off hands either using soap and water.

FIMO kids is easy to remove from textiles too: Simply wash the article of clothing as usual in the washing machine using conventional washing detergent.

FIMO kids is available from toy shops and craft stores.