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World Kids Colouring Day

Picture Stories on Ecology

On World Kids Colouring Day we all join in to help children in need!

Children empathize deeply with others less fortunate than themselves.

On World Kids Colouring Day, we want to give them the chance to make a difference and help children in need.
All over the world on 6th May, children and teenagers get busy colouring in order to make the world a better and more colourful place.

Theme 2013: Picture stories on ecology

Environmental protection starts with small things, and many children already know how important the subject is – from messages on radio and television, theme weeks in the classroom or from talking about it with their parents and friends.
World Kids Colouring Day 2013 will give children the opportunity to playfully express their wishes on protecting the environment. With their pictures, the children can show what concerns them, what worries them and what their dreams are. At the same time they can work creatively and thus train their motor skills.

Join in and help make a difference!

Numerous events on World Kids Colouring Day provide an opportunity to get colouring in aid of a good cause.
Around the globe, museums, cinemas and clubs participate – more information can be found in your home town, on  your country's World Kids Colouring Day website or on Facebook.
Whether you're a teacher at a school or kindergarten or a parent, you can help support this global children's aid project by organising your own colouring event: How about a colouring workshop or colouring activity at an upcoming school fete? Maybe you could spend one lesson making small postcards which the children could then take home with them or send off? Or give out invitations to an afternoon vernissage?
Your contribution will be greatly appreciated by parents, children and, of course, the entire STAEDTLER team!
We look forward to having your child, group or class 'Participate' in World Kids Colouring Day 2013.