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Initium Collection

Your style. Your choice.

Individual style and personal class have nothing to do with coincidence. On the contrary, they are the result of good decisions and right perspectives. The choice is yours when it comes to the aesthetic expression of your character.

Meet the stylists of German writing culture. Discover the many facets of the STAEDTLER Initium collection. Choose between brilliant high-grade resin, precious wood or finest leather.

The high-quality writing instruments of the Initium collection are available in the following versions:

Resina – Exceptional aesthetics.

Impressive and distinctive in appearance. The Resina line combines cool design with a wide variety of colours. The elaborate processing of the high-grade resin results in an intriguingly iridescent effect.

Lignum – Different in a special way.

Whatever your expectations, the Lignum line will surpass them. You will get a writing instrument that is unparalleled. The result will always be one of a kind thanks to the choice between two high-quality woods – plum or maple – whose individual grain gives these products their unique character. No two writing instruments are alike – for a uniqueness that lasts. 

Metallum - Cool Elegance.

No other high-tech material unites modern zeitgeist, technical finesse and functional perfection quite as elegantly as refined anodised aluminium. The hand-brushed surface gives the Metallum line a unique velvety feel and creates an intriguing contrast in combination with the matt, chrome-plated metal fittings. It is, in itself, an expression of superior quality, exacting standards and state-of-the art modern design.

Corium Simplex – Classic – stylish – beautiful.

Individuality, appearance and sensory experience are the outstanding characteristics of natural leather. Feel the distinctiveness of these exceptional writing instruments and the physical warmth offered by the top-quality leather each piece has been covered in by hand.

Corium Urbes – Your style – your city.

Corium Urbes pays an original homage and eye-catching tribute to the diversity of cities around the world. It’s not for us to decide which of these cities best suits you. We can, however, instil a desire for New York or Paris, London or Beijing, Moscow or Hong Kong or even the city of our company’s founder: Nuremberg.

The Pencil - Feel the difference.

The future is, of course, digital – as our present age already is. There are, however, always going to be real-life, tangible objects which will be loved simply because of the fact that they feel good. Like The Pencil. Its stylish design and unique function mean it bridges the gap between the analogue and digital worlds perfectly.

Organizer Pen - Organisational talents.

Whether for jotting down brilliant ideas, fl eeting thoughts or new appointments – writing instruments for everyday usage should be sturdy, easy to use and both minimalistic and modern in design. STAEDTLER Premium satisfies these demands to the full with its Organizer Pen line. These handy all-rounders unite high-quality materials with outstanding workmanship in an exceptionally attractive, slim look – not too thick, not too thin and not too heavy. Ideal for using with time planners.

Accessories - Accompanied by style.

Quite often it is the nuances that add that special touch to a particular style. By underlining that style with matching accessories, you can create the perfect look. The STAEDTLER Initium collection offers small yet select accessories to accentuate and highlight your personal style.