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Discover new worlds of learning

Noris digital for Chromebook

Turn ideas into

The perfect pencil for interactive lessons

Combined with the right education apps, the STAEDTLER Noris digital enables students to turn ideas into understanding.

It can be used for a range of writing and drawing techniques - for an exciting presentation of educational content.

While it feels like a regular pencil, it also enables precise writing - for interactive learning without limits.

Writing with a stylus has never looked more natural

See how Ms. Hastings’ math class solved systems equations using Kami tools with precise touchscreen capabilities and the Noris digital for Chromebook.


Noris digital for Chromebook class pack
containing 20 pencils and 20 spare nibs
USA: Trinity3 or contact googlesales(at)synnex.com
UK: Please contact marketing.uk(at)staedtler.com for availability

Noris digital for Chromebook single packaging
containing 5 spare nibs, available in 4 colours
USA: Available from April 2019 on Amazon
Available from April 2019 on Amazon

Looks and feels like
a regular pencil

The STAEDTLER Noris digital - with the look of a traditional pencil -
provides a natural writing experience on several
Chromebooks with pen function.*

No charging required

EMR technology is passive and does not use energy

EMR technology

ElectroMagnetic Resonance lead made by WACOM®

Palm rejection

The device only recognizes the writing screen and ignores all other surfaces - such as the palm of the hand

Adjustable line width

Line width can be adjusted automatically by writing/drawing pressure

Eco friendly

Wood content from PEFC-certified sustainably managed German forests

App-solutely inspiring

Just get started with our favorites:

The right hardware.
For learning without limits.

The STAEDTLER Noris digital is compatible with a wide
range of Chromebooks using EMR technology: