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Our answers to frequently asked questions

Not only is the Mars plastic 'Made in Germany', it offers outstanding erasing performance with only minimal crumbling too. Another positive feature is its excellent ageing resistance. The Mars plastic made its entrance into the world of erasing back in 1965.

They may well have used the Mars plastic eraser. It is, after all, a true classic. Originally launched in 1965, it has been erasing unwanted pencil marks ever since - with only minimal crumbling and no smudging at all.

With our products, of course! A Lumocolor permanent will do, either green or black. Why? Because these two shades are particularly resistant to weather and light. Even if your apricot jam ekes out a forgotten existence in the depths of your storage cabinet, you needn’t worry – you will still be able to make out the writing on the glass years later.

Answer: Here, too, we can help. The Lumocolor permanent universal pen is great for quickly concealing small defects and tears on heels. Start off your date right – carefree and with unscarred high heels.

PS: A precaution – take along a blister plaster!

Further information on our Lumocolor universal pens

As a universal pen, the Lumocolor is obviously predestined to contribute to the exploration of space. It therefore comes as no surprise that the American company ILC Dover Inc. uses the STAEDTLER all-rounder in the production of their spacesuits for astronauts.

The term indelible refers to writing utensils which offer three main criteria: fast drying, incorrigible and not easy to remove.
However, light fastness, water resistance and many other factors are essential as well – for example for creating durable documents. Ballpoint pens are thus permanent whereas pencils are not.

First of all, relax – INK•JET Safe is a great idea.
It lets our highlighters avoid what others do all too often: namely smudge and smear. Whether inkjet print-outs or handwritten notes – use the STAEDTLER Textsurfer classic for markup and nothing will smear.

An all to frequent question about the fate of many a freezer bag. Everybody has had food left over which was then packed in a bag and put in the freezer.
By the time the frozen block shows up again, we will all too often have forgotten exactly what is inside. Here, an old trick can help with modern means:
Use a Lumocolor permanent and simply write on the bag what it’s inside.

Because it makes them particularly break resistant and last longer.
A•B•S stands for Anti Break System – it gives our pencils a sturdy appearance and a long life.

This innovative protective coating makes our coloured pencils tough – even if the going gets rough, when, for example, young artists lose their interest or poise.

That depends entirely on what you want to do with it. If you want to be artistically creative, for example, or want to sketch, we suggest you use a soft pencil.
If you are more technically inclined and want to lithograph or map, you are better off with a hard pencil. Our product range goes from 6B to 6H.

The H is simple – and obvious: It stands for hard. And the B stands for black.
The softer a pencil is, the more graphite it contains – which is why a 6B produces a deep black hue. Incidentally, HB is perfect for writing and normal domestic purposes – not too soft and not too hard.

Clay, and accordingly MarsClay, is a special industrial clay used in modelling.
Even today, designs for cars, homes and products are formed from clay first. Its standardised light-brown colour supports in evaluating the finished model.

By the way, STAEDTLER is the largest producer of designer “putty” in the world.

Presumably because they aren’t AIRPLANE SAFE like our ballpoint pens, rollerballs, highlighters and Lumocolor pens and markers.
Once in the air, this process provides pressure equalization within the pen so it won’t leak – leaving the ink home and the pen dry so to say.
Practical, clean and well thought out.

Ergonomics refers to the efficient and comfortable use of material for one’s work. In terms of a pen, this means that it fits comfortably in the hand.
In our pens this is achieved by the proven triangular shape, which contributes to a better posture of the hand when writing and more relaxed hand muscles.

You refill, of course – environmental protection is the motto, and we can all make a contribution. That is why we offer refill stations for our Lumocolor and highlighter products. Our refill ink is not only easy on the environment but on your pocketbook, too.

All it takes are water and a brush: Our Noris Club aquarell and karat aquarell pens can be used dry as well as wet. Just paint away and top off your work with watercolour highlights.

Smart people use one sharpener for both! Our double-hole tub sharpeners - available in red, yellow or blue, for example - let you sharpen "normal" pencils (up to 8.2 mm) as well as the ample ones (up to 10.2 mm). Please always make sure that the pen is held straight while sharpening - for tip top tips!

There is. With the Textsurfer classic in the colours violet and turquoise, both highlights and text remain clearly visible on the photocopies and faxes, too.
The Copy Proof feature makes your work easier and provides optimal readability.

Not elegantly but it can be done. Although the pen is smudge-proof and waterproof, it can easily be removed from most smooth surfaces using ethyl alcohol.

There is. Heels often leave behind ugly marks, particularly on PVC floors. These can easily be removed using the Mars plastic eraser. The streaks are gone in no time, and the floor is once again clean.

Chalk does indeed have the disadvantage of quickly smearing. After having spent six months in the garage, the position markings on your summer tyres will be barely legible come spring. Use a white Lumocolor non-permanent omnichrom instead – your writing will be retained and can still be quickly removed.

If you used good drawing ink and high-quality tracing paper, you can easily correct the error with a special eraser. The Mars plastic combi is highly recommended for precision work such as this.

We are passionate about pens & pencils and have always been fascinated by them. With the experience of more than 175 years, we are still working on innovative products – without neglecting our tradition.

That is why our company’s passion is producing pencils in the proven manner, while also developing new models such as the revolutionary WOPEX.

We can, of course, neither support nor encourage such a thing. However, we do offer a proper way of giving your cerebrum a hand: Our pencils with mathematical formulas and the tables up to ten. Although you might not be allowed to use them during the exam, they can help you with memorizing.

For instance with our triplus fineliner, which is available in many different colours. This lets you conjure up a rainbow on paper even during a seven-day rain – making faces as long as a fiddle smile again. Thanks to its ergonomic triangular shape, writing and drawing by hand becomes a child’s play.

Have you tried FIMO?
Our oven-hardening modelling clay offers ample room for creativity and is fun for the whole family. Whether Christmas decoration, jewelry, or key ring – give it a try!
The hobby section on our website here offers plenty of inspiration and crafting instructions.